disulfide bond

disulfide bond
дисульфидная связь
ковалентная связь, образованная между двумя атомами серы молекул цистеина в молекуле белка

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  • Disulfide bond — In chemistry, a disulfide bond (Br.E. disulphide bond) is a covalent bond, usually derived by the coupling of two thiol groups. The linkage is also called an SS bond or disulfide bridge. The overall connectivity is therefore R S S R. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Disulfide bond formation protein B — (red), complex with DsbA (blue) Identifiers Symbol DsbB Pfam …   Wikipedia

  • disulfide bond — a strong covalent bond, S S , important in linking polypeptide chains in proteins, the linkage arising as a result of the oxidation of the sulfhydryl (SH) groups of two molecules of cysteine; called also disulfide bridge …   Medical dictionary

  • disulfide bond — noun A bond, consisting of a covalent bond between two sulfur atoms, formed by the reaction of two thiol groups, especially between the thiol groups of two proteins …   Wiktionary

  • Disulfide — Not to be confused with bisulfide. Not to be confused with Disulfur. General structure of disulfides In chemistry, a disulfide usually refers to the structural unit composed of a linked pair of sulfur atoms. Disulfide usually refer to a chemical… …   Wikipedia

  • bond — In chemistry, the force holding two neighboring atoms in place and resisting their separation; a b. is electrovalent if it consists of the attraction between oppositely charged groups, or covalent if it results from the sharing of one, two, or… …   Medical dictionary

  • disulfide — 1. A molecule containing two atoms of sulfur to one of the reference element, e.g., CS2, carbon d.. 2. A compound containing the –S–S– group, e.g., cystine. asymmetric d. SYN: mixed d.. mixed d. d. which is not symmetric on both sides of the S S… …   Medical dictionary

  • disulfide bridge — see under bond …   Medical dictionary

  • Thiol-disulfide exchange — is a chemical reaction in which a thiolate group mathrm{S}^{ } attacks a sulfur atom of a disulfide bond S S . The original disulfide bond is broken, and its other sulfur atom (green atom in Figure 1) is released as a new thiolate, carrying away… …   Wikipedia

  • Protein disulfide isomerase — protein Name = protein disulfide isomerase family A, member 2 caption = width = HGNCid = 14180 Symbol = PDIA2 AltSymbols = PDIP EntrezGene = 64714 OMIM = 608012 RefSeq = NM 006849 UniProt = Q13087 PDB = ECnumber = Chromosome = 16 Arm = p Band =… …   Wikipedia

  • Covalent bond — Covalent redirects here. For other uses, see Covalent (disambiguation). A covalent bond forming H2 (right) where two h …   Wikipedia

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